Call: VO1HP
Operator(s): VO1HP
Station: VO1HP

Class: Open-12 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs
   80:   18
   40:   36
   20:  251
   15:   16
   10:    0
Total:  321  Total Score = 3,045

Club: East Coast Canada Contest Club


I was on a role and feeling good until the lights went out...literally!....The
power failed at 2pm Sat during a violet and frightening wind storm here...gusts
to 160kmph....I had planned for only 12 hrs this year but that was cut short.

On Friday I had cranked down my tower to about 40ft based on  the forecasts but
had to bring it all the way down sat morning as it was clear that this was going
to be a bad day....power wasgone for us 30 hours came back last night 2100
local.....still windy....during the powererless period the wind chill was about
-20C .   We are used to wind and wild weather but even for here this storm was
extreme and violent....

My VHF tower and InnovAntennas for VO1FN transAtlantic beacon rx at my remote
site are  destroyed...on the ground in pieces.....while falling it took out my
160 Inv L and my 80/40 antennas.  Some how my flimsy HF6V is still standing.