Sadly very little time for radio these days but wanted to enter as a reaction to all the negativity and committee bashing which seems to be the norm at times. It’s reflectors like this that keep me in touch with the hobby, I love to read contest reports and how operators squeeze the very last db out of their full size top band four squares!
Had a couple of hours at the weekend so dragged the Hustler 5BTV from under the caravan,stuck it in the ground and laid out six 10m radials. Fed with 20m of RG58 and could only run 20w maximum as anything more wiped out the satellite box. Amazingly worked VKs, VEs, 9G, 8P and V31 on 40m. Fewer Qs on 20m working 9G, VE, V31
Used the highly contentious SSC GM1J, when you have a call like MM0BQI why would you not? GM1J is as much a part of me as MM0BQI possibly more as it spells my name backwards………. Despite comments about operators having difficulty understanding short contest calls everyone I worked had no problem getting the call right. Happily no one sent me odd ball Q codes about it either! Maybe these Commonwealth guys have gasped one of the basic rules about logging what is sent rather than what you think it should be.
Last contest I entered was an 80m UKICC event. Made a few Qs but lost all my points on a dodgy Q with a 9A station. Will it stop me entering in future or discourage me, no. Will it sharpen me up and make me a better contester, certainly hope so!
Good fun the few hours I was active. Thanks to everyone who traveled or operated the special CC calls.
Thanks to the CC for working on our behalf.