What a roller-coast ride of a BERU!
My location is in the Perth Hills, about 30 km east of the CBD and a couple of km from VK6LW, so we share the same weather/propagation bubble.  The first few hours brought a brief SP opening into the UK, but some heavy QRN which made 80m after sunset a bit challenging on the ears. As the evening went on and 20m SP to G flickered briefly before dying, as the solar flux had indicated, the event became a case of maximising 80m and 40m and making the best of the teensy-weensy prop on 20, 15 and 10m.
In the end I managed 351 QSOs for 4,540 points – would have been more but had a thunder/lightning storms for most of Sunday afternoon, which cost me around four hours (including the last one) when prop on HF actually worked for while and made the national TV news. All in all, I spent about 15 – 16 hours on the air.
Clearly BERU was hard work for everyone, as the posts here record so well.  The only reason my score looks decent is having the luxury of very good antennas for 40 m (a homebrew 2-ele capacitively-loaded Moxon yagi at 20 metres) and 80m (inverted vee dipole at 27 metres).  The Moxon got developed as the result of my struggles in BERU at a similar point of the last solar cycle – with a high dipole I could work 100W stations with good antennas but with the Moxon (to use a VK6LW/Kev-ism) I can work 100W stations with “wet noodles” for antennas. 😉
This meant 40 m was by far the best band for me, with 164 QSOs.  80m was pretty good too, with the band unusually opening into the UK early, an hour before my sunrise, and ZF2CA also coming in with good signals.
20m SP into G was a shadow of 2016 but at least there was something reasonable in the way of a LP opening (missed the first half due to lightning concerns but still had 30 to 45 minutes of good G signals).
Only Africans worked were ZS and V51, which is also a big change from 2016.
Two QSOs on 10 m – Barry VK2BJ and Prasad (VU2PTT) operating AT3T.  Nearly cheered when Prasad’s signal came through at a good S4. 😉
Vy 73
Steve, VK6VZ