Call: VK3MI
Operator(s): VK3MI
Station: VK3MIClass: Restricted-24 LP
Operating Time (hrs): 23

Band QSOs
80: 47
40: 115
20: 57
15: 13
10: 0
Total: 232 Total Score = 3,990

Club: Australia Team 1


Conditions were especially challenging this year – possibly the worst
propagation I have experienced in the contest since I first entered (as
almost 40 years ago. Not exactly what we wanted for the 80th anniversary

I made no QSOs on 10M, and 15M was not much better! I made a few G QSOs on
in a brief opening at the beginning of the contest, but the other QSOs on
band were limited to the Asia-Pacific region and often required lengthy
of numbers in both directions. 20M was also in poor shape – the openings
to EU and NA were marginal and most of the QSOs seemed to be limited to the
better equipped contest stations. Fortunately 80M and 40M were in better
although local man made noise and OTH radar (on Sunday morning) made it
difficult to copy the weaker signals on 80M.

Not many DX calls from outside the Asia Pacific area made it into the log. I
managed to work C4I and 9H1XT from the Mediterranean, 9G5X from Africa and
ZF2CA from the Caribbean. I was pleased to work Nigel 3B8/G3TXF on 4 bands
– he had an outstanding signal in VK3. The only other station (outside
VK and ZL) worked on 4 bands was Dave G4BUO. Lee VE7CC is normally good for
bands but his huge signal was noticeably absent this year.

Despite the conditions and hard work it was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone
for the QSOs, especially those who travelled to the DX locations. I’ll be
back for more punishment next year!

Equipment – Flex-6300 90W
Antennas – Multi-band inverted vee dipole (centre 20m AGL) plus receiving
for 80M