Been around in Beru for a few years and enjoy it, so fun with many very good operators.

Decided to use HQ VA2RAC callsign this year as suggested and it was a good idea.
Had a lot of good Runs, at times pileup was difficult to manage because very often
signals were all at same level.

Few stations asked to QSY for mult. and my only 10m Q was a QSY. Conditions were not so
bad here but not the best. Only 8 Q on 15m. Too bad I had PC problems on saturday night
while I could hear many good signals from EUro.  After 8 Q and a lot of testing I had
no choice to QRT.

Station was a K3, KPA500, KAT500, MK-II, TH3 x2, TH2 and dipole.

Will try to be HQ again next year with more time on the air.

Thanks for all the QSO.

73, Claude VE2FK  (VA2RAC)