We had very poor conditions, but there was no disturbance to complicate polar
paths.  What we experienced was just plain low-sunspot propagation.  I did work
a couple of VUs on 20, one on 40 and HQ stations AT3T was a nice plus.  I did
hear a couple more. 

The G*80CC stations were a real treat, so congratulations to all of you for
your activity.  Most of the RAC HQ stations in Atlantic Canada were on, however
I understand that VO1RAC by VO1MP was cut short by a major wind storm and power
outage.  Thank you to VO1MP, VE1RSM, VY2LI and VE9BK for activating those

Things started slowly, but ramped up nicely once the sun came up.  My best
clock hour was 93 QSOs from 1100-1200 GMT, and my best 60 minutes started at
1143 with 115 QSOs.  After that, there was a bumpy decline in rate, and, as
usual, the final hours were pure endurance.  From 0800-0900, I made a paltry
two QSOs.  

I never made a single contact on 10m.  Even the skeds with stations around the
Maritimes within 200km all failed.  The only signs of life I heard on 10m were
weak LUs operating in another contest.

My QSO total is pretty good in these conditions, but as usual, my bonuses are
much lower than I would like.  I always have a tough time working more than a
very few ZL and VK stations, and that is where my score falters every time.

BERU is my favourite contest.  Congratulations to RSGB on hosting this great
event through 80 runs.  What an amazing record!


Dave VE9CB
In previous BERUs as VO2AAA, VO1AU, VE2ZP, ZL7/VO1AU, 9M6/VO1AU