Hi chaps,
We found conditions not very good really and as most have said very slow at times. We had a computer problem towards the end and had to manually log and operate for an hour. I have added the calls in the end of the log now and edited times etc so hope that all goes through the robot OK. Highest rate was 67/hr on 80M and in the end 487 net QSO’s and 4115 points. Sad to see long runs of QSO’s and no points but guess that’s HQ stations for you.
I noticed that when going back to a call, sometimes the other op had started is 5NN+serial which makes me think quite a few have missed the HQ at the end of the serial – we shall see…
We worked some nice DX and Nigel on 3B8 was worked on 80 -15. 5 mins plus for the 80M QSO. I worked Justin G4TSH on 5 bands – moving through them all and thanked him for Nil points 🙂
We had a hearty cooked breakfast at 10z here at GU4YOX after the contest.
GU80CC Team
Oleg RL5D