My brief report with G80CC.
The format worked well, bands were full of CC stations great fun times.
G80CC had a tough time convincing some contesters it was a real call!
The long deadly silence🤔 when in S&P mode was pure magic!
The penny dropped eventually mostly when I repeated the call but added HQ, as Stewart said, most probably didn’t read the rules and saw the HQ stations active.
Think we’ve all been their before.
I concur, the 9G boys were a beacon  I’d worked them on all bands bar 10m.
I found Bob, on 8P9IF very weak Saturday, I could just detect his ghostly signals but by Sunday his signal improved and I gave him HQ QSO’s on 3 bands.
Just 2 QSO’s on HF with Nigel 3B8/G3TXF, he was a good signal on 80m but the pileup was big and by the time I ventured back his sigs dropped back.
The only fly in the ointment was Condx, some had it better than others, in the depths of West Berkshire deep QSB with many repeated both ways for serials and to top it, Sunday’s rain produced some unwelcome extra noise.
I wrapped it up between 1am and 4:30. My bandmap then was still showing the loud VE stations when I returned, so seems I never missed much activity.
Think I gave most of the front G runners QSO’s on all bands so we’ve got some happy contesters.
Working All bands with DX was never going to be possible!
A few DL’s and W’s trying it on for QSO’s, and no real DQRM.
230 G’s working over all bands were worked.
Total QSO’s 381.
Ken.. G0ORH