I had a look around and 2016 BERU: Ap 19, Kp 3 to 4 and SFI 84.

The NOAA forecast, 27/02/17, for this year’s BERU: Ap 5, Kp 2, SFI 75.

Next NOAA forecast is on Monday at 1500utc.

Assuming the forecast is correct then should be more stable conditions than last year (lower Kp).

For those who like to work things out in advance then use Use the point to point one and as experienced contesters can work at minimal SNR I suggest the power entered is higher than used to compensate for good “ears”. Even with 10KW, 3el and rural noise VE1 looks unlikely on 10m. VE7 looks unlikely on 15m. Try looking at VK and ZL on long and short path its interesting. We will see.

73 David G3YYD