For British Commonwealth stations planning to enter the BERU this year:

There is a rule change in this year’s Commonwealth Contest. The rule limiting the number of HQ stations to one per Commonwealth Call Area (CCA) has been changed to allow multiple HQ stations in one particular CCA, namely the UK call area (G/GD/GI/GJ/GM/GU/GW). Instead of one HQ station in the UK call area (usually GB5CC), this year there will be 7 such stations (G80CC, GD80CC, GI80CC, GJ80CC, GM80CC, GU80CC and GW80CC). The current version of N1MM+ enforces the one HQ station per CCA rule and doesn’t want to let you log the others once one has been logged on a band. To override this, you can use Ctrl+Alt+Enter to force the program to log contacts with the second, third, … HQ stations in the UK call area.

Those who like to use the Multipliers window may wish to download the special BERU version of the wl_cty.dat file from the additional support files area on the N1MM+ web site and load it in place of the regular wl_cty.dat file, in order to limit the list of countries in the Multipliers window to CCAs only. Here are two things to note if you do this:

1. Using this file instead of the normal wl_cty.dat file may make it possible for you to work your own CCA and incorrectly award you points for such contacts. If it does, don’t let this fool you into violating the contest rules and working your own CCA for points. If you do work someone in your own CCA and the program awards you points for it, you can correct your claimed score after the contest by reloading the regular wl_cty.dat file and doing a Tools > Rescore Current Contest (see point 2).

2. As soon as possible after the Commonwealth contest is over, RELOAD THE REGULAR wl_cty.dat FILE!!!! (and do a rescore if there is any chance y ou worked your own CCA by mistake). Every year we get “bug” reports from people who have forgotten to restore the regular wl_cty.dat file after the contest and who complain that the program is not logging contacts correctly in the next contest (e.g. Russian DX contest the following weekend).

Rich VE3KI / CG3KI