VP9G3VYIThe XYL  and I travelled back to the DX location of Ed VP9GE  again, makes a good break! The Antennas used  were the homebrew ‘suitcase’ multi  wire vertical for 40/20/15/10  and local dipoles  for 80/40. Both have  a fine view north over the atlantic about 150 yards away and 100 feet up  a hill.The rig comes with the shack and is 100w FT920, the max allowed in Bermuda.Due to the CME storm starting conditions were poor, and 10m was dead.Later on they improved  and at dawn 80/40 were good  to everywhere with fast fading to G . Best Dx was T33, and ZM3AB and M1K QRP the gotaways. 20m  was quiet all night except  for all the ZLs lined up, most were worked with a few repeats, then the VKs came up.GM0NAI had  the best signal from UK  to here, and GB5CC was found easilyexcept on 15/10m . I managed to be conscious till 0800 this year, and 20m was still closed then.My keyer kept dropping dits randomly  so apolgies  for some weird sending! The logged Score was 550 QSOs, 1 /10m 35/15m 151/20m 239/40m 121/80m   with 168 bonuses, SD  score is 6095.73 Mike VP9/G3VYI