vy2gq lodgeTuesday 15 March 2016
Hello to All.

Just a word of thanks for all the calls and the fine competition this past weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed entering the 24 hour fray for the first time in 2016 after having dabbled with a smaller 12 hour effort in BERU 2015. OM Hobbs (G3LET/VY2GQ) and I were stuck last year in the middle of a roaring BLIZZARD in BERU 2015 – and my wife kept calling me on the phone telling me the storm was intensifying and that I needed to quit the contest. She feared that the expected 100cm snowfall would trap me down at the house and that we would miss our Monday flights out to CALIFORNIA in order to attend the BNP Paribas tennis tournament with my son KK6ZM in the CA Palm Desert.

Basically, she could not have been more spot on! Peter wound up being trapped here on the island until the FRIDAY following BERU 2015 and I had to quit at sunset and walk out on snowshoes more than 2km in order to reach the main road. Once at my car, I managed the drive back to our Capital city of Charlottetown and learned that the bridge to the island was closed due to high winds.

On Monday morning the bridge opened briefly and we managed the drive down to HALIFAX without major issues (although the snow had made a real mess of the motorways here). We eventually did make it to San Diego by Tuesday morning and the tournament in the desert which was quite a contrast at +33C when compared here to something like -25C – all in less than a span of 24 hours.

This year 10m was all but dead on this side with not a single UK station heard. 15m was only open SKEW over Africa and honestly it sounded more like 10m than 15m where over 1450 qso’s were made the previous weekend during ARRL DX PHONE. What a difference a small dip in the solar flux can mean!

So this became more of a 20/40/80 meter event with some goodies still managed on 15m to make things interesting.

All in all it was great fun and thanks for the fellowship – it was very nice meeting many FOC mates and other fine friends made over the years on the low bands. I hope to try this again at some point using a proper logging program as I was using CT and basically “flying blind” all weekend – I had no idea at all what I needed in terms of bonus points and strategy. I just tried a balance of CQ’ing and tuning and it seemed to work pretty well in the end. Congrats by the way to perennial champion VE3EJ on an incredible BONUS total – that sort of sets the STANDARD for others to shoot for – and it was done under poor conditions. Well done John! 73 JEFF VY2ZM, Prince Edward Island, Canada Team CANADA eh?