734 QSOs, 8185 points claimed by win-test (Open Unassisted), but I’m not sure I believe it and I can’t decode the bonus number. Not as severe here as frozen north but certainly 15 and 10m openings harder to find. Got 45 on 10m but lots by QSYing from other bands.


Wasted ages waiting for the Sunday a.m. 20m flurry, grrr. I was sure it was open – I could here are few Gs- but they were all having a party on 40m it seemed.

I need some of that coaching as VE3EJ still 200 ahead L

Grabbed 25 mins doze sat p.m. an 2Hrs 2.30-4.30 UTC, otherwise on til the end.Antennas here mostly great, but noise floors increasing year on year. And the log periodic – up at 100ft and out of the noise – is all but fixed direction as the rotator controller is not man enough. Trying to help fix that for next year.

73 to all