Yes, apologies for that Brian! I think due to the dry weather, there was
cycling static that affected all bands. It would gradually rise in level
for several minutes and then discharge in a huge burst to leave a quiet
life for maybe half a minute before accumulating again. Didn’t spot it
when I did my noise survey earlier in the week . . .

Life was tough on the HF bands up here, not a sniff on 10 and very little
on 15. Even 20 was quite dead from dusk until a 15 minute opening right at
the end for a few remaining G’s. So most of my meagre score was on 40 and
80, despite the noise issue.

QSO/bonus totals were

80m – 153/26
40m – 226/56
20m – 181/24 !
15m – 33/20

Total score just 5485

Couldn’t raise Brian BO and the only African was V51YJ. Nothing heard at
all from 5X1XA. Probably the highlight was one of the few DX CQ replies,
from ZL/G3SGX, which took an age to complete as a result of the pulsed
noise issue. Sorry folks to those I just couldn’t hear (in addition to

Great fun though as always – meeting up with old buddies is what it’s all
And yes, a certain Midlands station WAS calling CQ CC and stood out like
the sore proverbial . . .

73, Peter VO1LET