Well done to all!  Even 15 hardly opened up in these frozen wastes and for sure no dawn flurry and not a sniff on 10!  20 stayed resolutely closed from dusk until the last 30  minutes, when a few G’s came through.  All the VK/ZLs were really weak but a few responded to targetted CQs.  Note that SD scores everything PERFECTLY!

Ended with 602 QSOs and a miserable 126 bonuses, mostly on 40 and 80, for a score below 5500.

However, watch out for VY2ZM, who I’ve been coaching in return for helping me to my VE licence a couple of years ago!  He was really determined to put on a show and all depends on whether he’s  got the bonuses in . . .  Still using CT, so had (has) absolutely no idea how he was doing!  Guidance was to achieve at least 100 QSOs more than John EJ and I think that was achieved.

73, Peter