I was pleased to be able to improve my 2015 score by around 20% �” mainly due to more QSOs on 80M and 40M which can be largely attributed to the use of a vertical antenna rather than an inverted L long wire that I had previously used on these bands. Conditions on the high bands were poor compared to recent years. It was hard work putting QSOs in the log on 20M and 15M. The best DX on 10M was 9M6XRO and 9V1YC. The only G station logged on 15M was GB5CC. The normally reliable 20M long path openings to UK and Canada were also marginal this year, with only a few stations making it through. As usual, the high level of man-made noise at my city QTH made it difficult or impossible to copy weaker signals. I used a tuned receiving loop to help improve the S/N ratio on 80M. My Flex-3000 radio developed a fault in the PA stage so I had to resort to using the old analogue FT1000MP radio! I missed the SDR spectral displays and superior filtering but the FT1000MP still seemed to do a respectable job. Thanks to everyone for the fun and QSOs, and I apologise to callers that I could not pull out of the noise. Equipment �” FT1000MP 100W Antennas �” Elevated vertical for 80M/40M, rotating dipole (10m AGL) for 20M/15M/10M and a tuned loop for 80M RX