As I was unable to devote a full 24 (or even a full 12 !) to this contest, I dabbled here and there, putting my meager antennas to a full test by running QRP. Condx on 10 & 15m sucked out loud (for me) but I did take some time off during daylight hours, which would certainly account for part of the problem. A special mention to ZM2B for my only Pacific QSO on 40m ! You have ears. I did hear other VK, ZL and even Indian stations, but no joy with QRP and verticals. Carib was loud on 15 (and even 10!) but very few on….ZF, J34, J79) Was nice to be able to try out something I have never tried ‘Dual CQing’, which really means ‘alternating CQing’. That feature turned some ‘ten’ hours into ’15’ hours. CQing on 2 bands that are open. Ie: 20 & 40, 15 & 20, etc. It’s hard to run, when you are only running 5 watts, but 99% of folks stuck with me. I was able to pick up a handful of QSO’s on 40m hours before sunset here, which was surprising. Heard VE9CB and VE9ML running them at this time. I did try dual S&P, but it really could’ve been just as easy with one radio (that’s the way I saw it anyways). Some very loud GM stations here. Good to work C4Z on at least one band, though heard on 3 bands. I think this is my first BERU where I didn’t have any USA stations call me. I did however have some Italians and other EU’s call in. Next time guys ! Congrats to VE9CB with huge #’s ! Mike VE9AA