I did a fun entry total of 4 hours and thirty minutes in blocks of time over Saturday afternoon/evening.

QSO total was 114 by S&P no running. No Qs on 10m. GB5CC only heard and worked on 80 and 40m.

Notable Qs:
80m VK6, VO1, VY2, VP9.

40m was a good band with AT1HQ, J34G, VE1,2,3,9, VK2,3,4,6,7, VO, VP9, ZB2, ZL, 9V, even C4Z. Last Q was difficult with a VE3 as he was sending too fast for the multi-path auroral propagation was blurring his CW – a case of less haste more speed.

20m Worked C6ANM on same QRG as a stronger VK on the long path. Took a couple of NR? to get C6 NR but probably I am in the VK log twice as I had worked him earlier.

15m Nice to work 9J2BO as I normally do in BERU.

Only worked one on 4 bands VO1LET, but a number on 3: 40/20/15: CJ3T, J34G,VE3EJ, VE3FU, VE3UTT, VE9ML, VY2ZM; 80/40/20 VK6LW,VO1HP.

Did not hear anyone call CQ CC. CQ BERU is a more distinctive sound. Let’s forget the politically correct stuff and go for what the democratic majority actually want and do.

73 David G3YYD