New job so scrambled to try to get out to Carrib before the contest but didn’t manage it in time, didn’t want to return to C5 again, probably should have but did give the SCC an outing.
Was different being a G station for the first time in a few years, hope I don’t end up with wooden spoons even as a 12 hour entry (did 11 hours).
10m was dead not one QSO. I heard so many VE on the bands 80/40 & 20 you would have through it was a VE contest. Lot of East EU stations on the bands too.
Waited patiently in the queue for the ZB2 station only to find he went to bed 21:30 just as it was my ‘turn’… ho hum.
Cat woke me up at 4am local so bleary eyed went to the shack and turned on the rig to find Nigel J79XF sending on 40m. Hoped he would not QSY before the PC turned on… he didn’t thankfully. 
Then found Colin ZF2CA a bit later really nice conditions on 40m 4-6am. Then right when expected up came VK/ZL stations, ZL4PW (I was QRP) was my last qso @08:54 almost same time as last year from C5 . 

Restricted entry as QRP on 15m and 20m into simple GP’s but I upped the power to 30w on 40m and 80m into a low 7m AGL G5RV as inverted V as I wanted to work VK this year on 40m.

Nice to see so many travellers. Sadly tried VP9/G3VYI but just couldn’t make a QSO with Mike.

BTW M is a G station guys so it is in BERU had a few say BERU only!