operated the RSGB Headquarters Station GB5CC this year. I don’t have any
particular qualms about calling it the Commonwealth Contest or BERU – but
BERU is just much more suitable for identifying and sending using CW and
ending a plaintive CQ with “CC” instead of “BERU” just wouldn’t work.

HF propagation was poor – certainly worse compared to last year. It was
really hard work to stay fully alert right through – especially after having
had flu last week too.

I tried to move bands fairly frequently and general called CQ as soon as
landing on a new band to try and provoke some response. I am not sure how
successful that was. Generally, things went well. As is fairly normal these
days, I did receive some anti contest abuse – which I ignored and it soon
disappeared. I also worked some non-Commonwealth callers and when the
opportunity was available, I briefly explained the situation. I think they
appreciated that – and they politely moved on.

My set up = K3 + Alpha Amp + 3 Element Tri-band Yagi at 60ft + high dipoles
for 40m and 80m + ¼ wave vertical for 80m and Beverage receiving aerials.

Here are the band scores (Hope the formatting remains intact)
3.5          143         1355
7           179         2065
14          216          2610
21            81          1065
28            28          280
647         7375  total

Footnote: unfortunately my HF Yagi antenna failed at just after 08:00z this
morning – and hence I was a bit limited in the last couple of hours – really

Thanks to EVERYONE for the QSOs – and it was great that whenever I worked
anyone of the BERU travelling fraternity, I would have a vision of them
sitting outside in some sunny holiday spot (not VO1) making QSOs, dressed in
their Dinner Jackets etc. Am I the only one who has this quaint (and
completely false) image???

73 Graham G4FNL