I hadn’t intended to do a serious effort with only a fan dipole for 80m
& 40m following storm damage to my HF vertical, and with the A at 23 it
didn’t look too promising.

Didn’t work a thing on 10m. 15 & 20 were difficult with no antenna, but
the fan dipole did radiate something as I worked VK & ZL on it! 40m was
humming to VK last night and of course without the VE’s (40% of my Q’s)
it would have been even more dire.

Worked Nigel on 4 bands which was quite incredible considering my set
up, and picked out all the travellers I heard.

Funny event: I heard Fred, G3SVK finishing with Steve VK6VZ on 40m last
evening so jumped in for Steve’s next QSO. What are the chances of
working consecutive callsigns in consecutive QSOs!

85 net Qs – all S & P – 1,965 points.

73 Chris, G3SVL