Report from G3SJJ. An interesting QSO Party but a pity about condx. Some
good signals from ZL and VK on all bands except 10m. I was able though
to use it to develop SO2R techniques. I had improved the set-up on last
year and had the 40m diamond loop that I used in AFS connected to the
2nd radio. With an swr of less than 2:1 on 40, 20 and 15 it was useful
to be able to transmit on those bands. Something I always wanted to try
was repeat dual CQing which proved good fun but would have been even
better if conditions had allowed more activity. In the end I didn’t
transmit much on the 2nd radio but used it check RBN Spots that came up
on the band map, I then used Alt F5 to swop radios and work a station on
the main Radio 1 set-up. I also got used to just hitting the FT1kMP band
buttons to display other bands. My body clock timing went a bit haywire
and I reached a big tiredness peak at 21:00 so went to bed and returned
to the radio at around 03:00 for an hour, then another short session
around 08:30. I was approaching the 12 hour limit by then so decided to
call time.

80 17
40 45
20 98
15 40
_10 05_
205 QSOs – 4485 points

Radio 1 – K3 + Expert 1.3K-FA amp, A4S at 50ft, 2 el phased verticals
for 40m, dipole and 66ft vertical for 80m
Radio 2 – FT1kMP + Acom 1k amp, 40m diamond loop for 40m – 15m.

N1MM+ logger of course. Really nice that it only displays Commonwealth
station rather than lods of other stuff.

One funny to report. Some idiot called a couple of times sending BERU? I
reply R CC. Get a life!

Chris G3SJJ