I’d like to add a bit more to my comment about the Commonwealth Contest
“fading fast”.

You say:

“I certainly wouldn�t write off the Commonwealth Contest and I don�t
think it is accurate to say that the contest is �fading fast�. Of the
�HF Championship� contests, this is the most healthy.”

My reasons for saying that are:

1. Band conditions will deteriorate as the sunspot numbers fall to a
minimum. This means 10m and 15m will probably get even worse for some
years to come. Therefore less opportunity to work the Commonwealth
stations that are active.

2. The number of people who genuinely enjoy the challenge of the
Commonwealth Contest is reducing year-on-year as more of us become
Silent Keys. I can think of several BERU stalwarts who sadly are no
longer with us. How many newly licensed amateurs are taking part in the
Commonwealth Contest? I’d suggest not too many.

3. Jim GM0NAI makes the point that for the last 30 minutes of the
contest this year, he was CQing and trying to S&P without finding a
single new station to work. I think that makes my point to some extent.
Those people, like me, who decided to give the CC a proper try out this
year are unlikely to bother to come back if there’s nobody to work.

I understand perfectly Roger SXW’s comments about the Commonwealth
Contest and I know it isn’t a rate contest. He’s right to say: “There
are literally hundreds of contests � we each pick & choose.” However,
what might happen is that more of us might choose *not* to enter the
Commonwealth Contest unless activity levels improve and we’re not bored
out of our minds.

In conclusion, I applaud your combined efforts with Bob PJT and Peter
LET to improve the CC by having HQ stations in all seven UK DXCC
countries. That will certainly help a little bit. So would activity from
places like 6Y, 8P, J6, V4, VP2* , etc. that have active resident
amateurs. There wasn’t much enthusiasm though, unlike in some previous
years. Allowing UK to work UK for reduced points as per Jim NAI’s
suggestion would also help. Making the contest Mixed Mode might also be
another way to attract new entrants.

On the other hand, if you say that the Commonwealth Contest is the most
healthy of the HF Championship Contests, then clearly everything is fine?

Final, final. Thanks for adding the Assisted category in the CC. Much


Steve G3VMW / M2X