That certainly was a challenge, it is little consolation to know that we were all batting on the same wicket The deep fade outs
were a problem and from here it was UK which was most affected, I had few problems with the dx. I had to abandon more contacts then ever before, sorry guys if you were one but you just faded away and did not return.

Without an 80m ant I had decided to do a 12 hr but in the event when it was sleep time I had less than 2 hrs remaining and I wanted to catch the dawn LP to Oceania on 20m, plus some dx on the higher bands later (that didn’t really happen) so I did around 14hrs in total.  LP didn’t happen on 40 or 15 but it was my  best ever numbers of ZL and a lot of VK’s in this event. By the time it was UK dawn some two hours later I wasn’t hearing them, cndx had changed.

40m SP Saturday evening was also best ever for ZL and worst ever for VK, no west dx on that band beyond VE3 although I did hear VA7RAC  at my dawn but couldn’t raise him. No VK on 80m nor ZL on 10/15/80.

I was pleased to work all of the UK travelers on at least two bands but how miserable were the cndx to the Carribean – on 20m, a band we can always rely on.  I couldn’t find any of them there on Saturday evening unless I left it too late. the band closes here a couple of hours ahead of UK. Bob J34G was the star with four bands 10 thru 40, he found me most, if not all, times. Alan at 5X & Mike at VP9 were great signals when I worked them. Peter at VO1  had a good score when I last heard him but seemed to have hearing problems on 20m, Sat evening he was loud but cq’ing in my face when I called him to no avail,same again same band this morning.

I did miss Dave, G4BUO and imagined that he must have broken both his arms since I doubt he has ever failed to turn out for Beru since he was a teenager!

Scores on the door.

24hr Open

10M – q’s 78    Bonus 15.
15M – Q’s 173   ”    40
20M – Q’s 293   ”    64
40M – Q’s 152   ”    38
80M – Q’s   5   ”     5

Total Q’s 699- less 5 dupes.   Total Bonus 162

Total Points  –  6718.

My score won’t survive checking. Having needed so many difficult fills my UBN is going to look ugly!, but despite all it was the usual fun and favourite event.

73  Brian C4Z / 5B4AIZ.