VEflagAlan VE3HX has now agreed to be included in this team and will advise a couple of days before the contest if he is unable to travel as a result of weather issues.  There may also be some changes in the event that more interest is received, however as of today, we have the following:

Team Canada East

VE3JM Vlad
VE9CB Dave
VY2ZM Jeff
VE2AEJ (op VE3HX Alan)
VO1LET (op G3LET Peter).

I’m leaving on 7 March as there is a new multiband vertical antenna to install at the Admiralty House station and at this point there is a fair amount of snow digging and thawing of conduit required to schieve this!  Fallback will be attempting to tune the 40m and 80m vee dipoles on the HF bands.

73, Peter