Good morning,

Itchen Valley ARC is again entering two teams into BERU (whoops, sorry, Commonwealth Contest) and as we are finding it difficult to get five members into each team, being able to offer some flexibility to prospective entrants might ease the situation.
Having read rule 6 (Team Competition) and 3(b) Restricted – Single Operator Unassisted, it would appear that there is no restriction on individual team members being either in the category of 12 or 24 hours of operation, as long as the individual team member’s choice is made clear in the Cabrillo header?
Could you please confirm this!
73 Geoff G3ROG
Hi Geoff , that’s correct there are no restrictions 12 or 24  in BERU team members, the more the merrier.
Please let us know the proposed teams  soon as  you can!
Good luck in  BERU and thanks  for organising some more teams!
mike G3VYI  BERU CSC adjudicator