Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the proposed rule changes.  My notes are highlighted in red below and are limited to the BERU as this is the only contest on the list that I have experience with.  Best of luck with the ongoing discussions.  73,  John, VE3EJ

2.10. Commonwealth Contest – Change the format so that the World can work the Commonwealth

In my opinion this would completely change the flavor of the contest which has made the BERU so unique.  I do not favor this change as it will effectively end the BERU contest as we have know it for decades.  The BERU will become just another QSO volume events like so many already on the contest calendar.  Don’t destroy the tradition. 

6.8. BERU – To assist identifying QRP stations, remove the requirement to put QRP in the Cabrillo header and add a requirement to enter the power output used when submitting the log

No problem here, whatever makes log processing easier is fine.

6.9. BERU – In the rules, change all references to BERU to Commonwealth Contest and suggest entrants call CQ CC not CQ BERU.

 This is a matter of tradition.  I am OK with the formal rules making reference to “Commonwealth Contest” rather than BERU but I suggest that the tradition of BERU in the “CQ” will be a hard habit to break and frankly for what purpose?  What is the motivation here?  This sounds like an effort to be politically correct.