G3PJT Comments in red – non Commonwealth comments removed. .

1. Overall general proposals

1.1. Establish a facility to publish HF and VHF logs to permit propagation analysis I support these ideas

1.2. Investigate the potential for verified QSOs in adjudicated contest logs to automatically become valid for the RSGB VHF/UHF Award programmes.I support this idea

1.4. Reduce the entry period for all contests (except IOTA) to 7 days except by prior arrangement with the contest adjudicator. The entry period for IOTA will remain at 21 days.

I agree with this for predominantly national contests but for international ones like IOTA and Commonwealth it should be one month as taking account that although internet is becoming global there are often occasions when reliance on postal mail is the only route to submit. In addition in Commonwealth we often have to chase up entries from active DX stations so we need a month to give us time to do this.

2.10. Commonwealth Contest – Change the format so that the World can work the Commonwealth

As a long term non-UK entrant to the Commonwealth Contest I do NOT support this proposal. Basically I believe it is misconceived. As you know the number of entrants has been steadily growing over the last 10-15 years with a bit of a plateau recently ( https://berucontest.wordpress.com/results/ ). Our approach to achieve this increasing participation has been by better marketing, communication and periodic special prizes.

This proposed change crops up from time to time. We have to work out the benefits to current and potential participants and whether this proposal is going to be a change for the better measured by more activity/entrants/fun , so

– will this lead to greater participation of UK,?

– will this lead to more VK/ZL/ VE?

– will more Commonwealth stations become more active?

– will we all go travelling to interesting Commonwealth countries?

My view is that we might be reaching a real plateau in participation in VK and ZL but will opening this up to ROW bring a new set of VKs or ZLs out of the outback? I don’t think so as I am not sure they even exist. And after all, I guess that the big VK/ZL stns are pretty busy anyway. As far as Rest of the Commonwealth are concerned they have to be encouraged to view this contest as their ‘special one’ by virtue of they being members of the Commonwealth family. As far as the average UK station is concerned then the Commonwealth Contest provides a good opportunity to work some more unusual DX stations and for some, that might only mean VK/ZL/VU. Yes that’s right, not rare in the DXers world, but if you are struggling in a poor radio situation then QSOs to be proud of. But that depends on getting more Commonwealth stations on the air for that weekend, easier said than done.

What we have been trying to create is a true DX contest where you have to turn that big knob on the front and listen a bit. As this is an RSGB sponsored contest it should favour RSGB membership, and that means not opening it up to all and sundry. Some of the new contesters favour having ‘open’ contests but when I asked them, ‘ in that case would you enter if the Commonwealth was open?’ The response was only a qualified maybe, which is hardly enough to warrant a change.

If Contest Com. wanted to try experiments to build activity why not use the 21/28 as a testbed? After all that’s an ‘open’ type of contest and could use some fresh ideas, I understand.

Finally in ‘open’ contests look at the way the big multi-ops act to dominate the bands, even in IOTA. Almost like they are having their own ‘open’ contest working each other and thus the IOTA DXpeds with lowish power can’t get a look in despite the scoring benefits. In BERU, sorry CC, that would happen for sure if it were made open. This proposal therefore should not be adopted..

6.8. BERU – To assist identifying QRP stations, remove the requirement to put QRP in the Cabrillo header and add a requirement to enter the power output used when submitting the log. I support this idea

6.9. BERU – In the rules, change all references to BERU to Commonwealth Contest and suggest entrants call CQ CC not CQ BERU. By all means have consistent labelling in the rules. We have problems with unwanted callers, the merit of using ‘CQ BERU’ is that it has a brand image, saying ‘Commonwealth Stations only please, just for now’. It will take a good few years for ‘CQ BERU’ to be replaced by ‘CQ CC’ – if ever!

BTW – my thanks to the committee for all the hard work you are putting in!
73 Bob G3PJT