Rule Change Proposals RSGB HFCC White Paper 2015
Precis for Commonwealth Contest entrants
This document outlines suggestions and proposals for rule changes for both HF and VHF contests in 2016. Comments on these items are invited. Please send your comments to no later than 7th August 2015. All comments will be reviewed by the RSGB Contest Committee (CC) during August and September and revised rules for all RSGB contests will be published as soon as possible after the review. All rule changes will take effect on 1st January 2016.

2.10. Commonwealth Contest – Change the format so that the World can work the Commonwealth.
6.8. BERU – To assist identifying QRP stations, remove the requirement to put QRP in the Cabrillo header and add a requirement to enter the power output used when submitting the log.
6.9. BERU – In the rules, change all references to BERU to Commonwealth Contest and suggest entrants call CQ CC not CQ BERU.