Hi all, well I think we did ok, and was good to work you most bands! Used my home made suitcase verticals for10/15/20/40, and Ed the host(VP9GE) dipoles  for 80 40, and his FT920. main issue was FT920 had no CW filter so AGC pumps with very strong ( VE) sigs nearby!..But condx improved slowly after slow start…worked 600 ish and 148 bonus…5900 pts. Very hard work on 80 with manually swiching to  less noisy rx antenna at every over!!! Had a sleep for  4hours at 0200…then came on 20m  for VK’s!!
Anyway enjoyed it , !.!! VP9 is good fun but very pricey if you go to the wrong places!!Off to the Swizzle Inn!!