Hi all
I hope you all had fun in the contest.
I entered the restricted 24 hour section and ended up with 239 QSOs and a raw score of 3645 at the end of the contest – more QSOs than in 2014 but the overall score is slightly less so I must have worked fewer bonus points this year.
At least I did not have any downtime due to equipment problems this year, and a temporary rotating dipole for the high bands (mounted a a couple of meters above our two storey house) seemed to play better than the long wire and wire dipole antennas that I used last year.  However conditions (especially on the 15M and 10M) were not as good and this probably explains why my score was no better than in 2014. And a neighbours doing some arc welding on Sunday afternoon made the local QRN even worse than usual …
How did other team members find the contest?
Anyhow time to crash and  get some sleep as I need to be the office early tomorrow 🙂
73, Brian VK3MI