Hi Brian, and all.

Here is my summary:

It took me little time to get organized, but here is the report cut and pasted from the summary:

Band     QSOs     Pts
3.5       1            25
7      43           895
14     231        2050
21      90         1330
28      30         570
Total     395       4870

Score : 4,870

The result is significantly worse than last year. (5650 points then).  The bonus was a few exotics as you all noted.  I think I got two new-ones.

Yes I have to confirm you guys observations.  10 m poor.  The performers were 20 and 15. Some cream dripped from 40.  I think apart the great dip in propagation (which was forecasted by the VOAPROP by the way) the average was good and when the band was open the signals were huge.
That sudden dip:

stole many QSOs during the occurrence and  made me to run outside to check that some joker did not pinch my antenna replacing it with 50 ohm resistor. The juice up the cable was OK, but got nowhere.  Even the noise normally visible on the panadaptor was missing.  What a blow.

Some time was wasted by non BERU stations calling.  It was a flattery during “slow” times, but made me cranky (after all I’m old cranky “b”) when the pressure was on.  Still the guys got their 599.  Some of the calls made me think that the signals were were very good in non BERU areas too.

I have very uneasy feeling that the Canadians are going to carry the “cup” away.  Good luck to them after all… They worked hard.  The contest brought out “lotsa” G’s who do not warm their wires too often.

The log tells me that I had 184 minutes off time.  That includes “cowardly” departure before the official end.  In my defense believe me… there was no action about the hour before the end….  All the signals on the band calling were in the log and when/if I called CQ –  I got nothing and/or non contestants.  So … I was hungry by then… had to go… eh?

It felt good to QSO with fellows contestants to exchange “the state of mind”.  Kevin… gee you are “supergood”.  The SMS comms between Steve and I was fun…  Just kept the spirits up.

After all it was fun.  Almost looking forward to the next year.

73 to all

Patrick VK2PN