A semi-serious first time in BERU. As I have pathetic antennas for 40 & 80, I elected to do 12 hours in daylight as the station plays much better on the higher bands. As I have no history in BERU, I elected to use my SCC, but given the old-time feel of the event I may reconsider that next year. Lastly I elected to run SOA as this was not a serious entry; this had the desired effect on bonus Qs and working HQ stations, but a surprising number of mults were found via old-fashioned S & P. It was fun to get the jump on spots as they appeared, but also great fun keeping the S & P skills alive.

The travellers certainly add spice (or even umami for the gourmets among you) to proceedings. Thank you all!
The lack of 40m here is a big deal. In my tiny back garden I can just squeeze in an 80/40/30m trap dipole at 20ft. It works surprisingly well on 80 & 30m, but there is no dip on 40m and SWR is 5:1 at best. I suspect either interaction with the Hexbeam a couple of feet above it; or that the VPA systems rotating push-up mast is resonated on 40m by the Hexbeam on top. Whatever, it ain’t radiating much! I’ll have to figure out a way to fix that for next time.
Getting up in time for a 6am start on Sunday, I had anticipated that 20 would be open and 15m would follow on. In the event, I really needed 40 & 80 at that time as the old hands would already know. Anyway, given my tiny signal, big thanks are due to Bob PJT for pulling me out of the murk on 40m.
As I noted in an earlier posting, having participated, I can now understand the attractions of the event. Will be back next year!
Here’s how N1MM+ summarises the outcome for 2015:

Band QSOs Pts Cty Sec
3.5 5 125 5 0
7 10 230 7 2
14 90 1910 69 4
21 80 1640 58 4
28 51 1015 35 3
Total 236 4920 174 13

Score: 4,920
Single Op Assisted OPEN 12 Hours (operating time 11h:50m)
David G3WGN M6O