I like the BERU contest but can never devote enough time to it to obtain a decent result placing. This year, I decided to try a single band entry to see what I could achieve. I choose 15m as that would offer a suitable opportunity to keep up with what is on the band without sitting at the rig for hours on end. I just don’t have the time ( or even the enthusiasm these days! ) to do that, I do have a life other than operating and already devote a lot of time to contesting, both operating and training.
Is there a desire from anybody other than me to see a single-band entry as a possible category?
Would this additional category be considered by the organisers?
It was suggested that more small time and band slots be considered to encourage people to take part and it would be nice to have something to aim for in that respect, rather than just be another “also-ran”;.

Regards from Roger, G3LDI
Swardeston, Norfolk.