I have never taken part in the Commonwealth Contest. I decided a couple of
weeks ago, to try and have a serious go at entering this year but I knew the
LF antennae at my disposal might be the limiting factor. That proved to be

I didn’t expect to have two technical problems (aerial and amplifier) that
cost me 90mins during the contest. I also needed to ‘bail out’ at approx.
5am this morning for another reason. So, that left me feeling that I hadn’t
done myself nor the contest justice this time around.

I ended up with 350Qs and 6,345 claimed points in the SOA 24-hour category.
I know that is a long way off the benchmark, and hence I need to do better
next time. It was a fascinating contest and a frustrating one. I am thinking
about my ‘lessons learnt’ from the weekend, and will start planning for next
time over the forthcoming few months. Thanks to those who made QSOs with me
from the pink bits of the globe…

73 Graham G4FNL