78 QSOs from G3YMC, QRP unassisted, slightly down on last year. I guess
Roger’s results show what a difference a beam makes… Never heard J34G
on any bands and assumed for some reason he might not actually be on.
Got up a bit late this morning for 80m and only managed one VE there
(on 3516…) but was compensated by working ZM4M, VK2PN and VK6LW on
20m. No sign of the usual wide opening to VK/ZL on 40m which we used to
get years ago – I guess there were some there but too weak to copy.
ZF2A and V5/G3TXF on 3 bands.

So it looks as if we can indeed run Beru with all the other contests
running at the same time.

73 Dave G3YMC