Quite a blast, althoough not as good as last year and several of the
antennas were out of action. I used a COMPUTER LOGGER this year, in an
attempt to keep control of the dupes but for some reason, several of these
were identified which I know were not, maybe due to playing in advance of
the contest with the same logging instance instead of starting with a clean

I ended up with just under 1000 QSOs and probably around 10,100 points when
I have tidied the dupe issue.

However, almost certainly along with Dave VO1AU, I am snowed in here in a
howling blizzard (which had been forecast for Saturday but delayed 24
hours). I can just see the car occasionally which is parked a few yards
from the house and so there’s not a lot to do apart from continue sleeping
and get round to a bit of packing for a notional departure tomorrow.

Nigel was once again the star of the show from here, with good QSOs on 5
bands, also with Bob, who was audible for most of the event. Mike
VP9/G3VYI was an amazing signal, especially on the LF bands for many hours
at a time, I guess due to his watery location. 7QAA provided 4 easy
bonuses but I don’t think he made it down to 80. Both YMC and SXW were
good copy. I think I have them on most if not all bands.

So all in all another most enjoyable event – just have to hope the grub
lasts out the storm!

Oh and by the way I also had keying issues with Winkey, yet to be resolved!

Thanks as always to those who called or responded.

73, Peter G3LET, VY2GQ