The 2015 Latitude Factor will be  =  1.45 , thanks Peter G3LET
Teams so far
Team Carribean : J34G ( G3PJT capt) , ZF2CA ( G4CWH), VP9/G3VYI
Team Africa  : 5Z4LS (G3RWF capt) , V5/G3TXF, ZS1EL, ZS1C, C5/M1KTA
Team Australia 1 : VK6LW, VK6VZ (Capt) , VK4CT, VK3TDX, VK7BO
Team Australia 2 : VK4SN, VK2PN, VK4KW ( VK3MI Capt), VK4XY, TBA
Quake Contesters :ZL3PAH (capt), ZL3GA, ZL4PW, ZL3NB, ZL3AB.
Team Thames Valley : G0ORH (Capt), G3XTT, G2NF, G3VPW, M0DHO
Team Canada; TBA
Team Itchen Valley Veterans; G3HRH G3OTK G3ROG (capt) G3XSD G4GBP
Team Itchen Vallley Digital TBA
looks like a good contest coming up!
73 mike G3VYI