VKflagG’day fellow VK contesters!

If Team Australia 1 and Team Australia 2 are going to defend our titles as Commonwealth Contest 2014 team champions and 3rd place getters, then we better get our act together quickly. As Barry VK2BJ is unable to captain VK Team 1 this time around and as no-one else seems to have come forward, I am (reluctantly – heaps of family stuff going on) putting myself forward again to fill this gap. My hope is that Brian VK3MI (who I understand is likely to be one of the multi-operators at VK4KW) is able to continue as VK Team 2 captain.

When we first selected Australian teams back when the CC team comp started, the initial selection was, in general, based on the CC finishing positions of operators in the previous year. An invitation to take a place in a particular team was then extended to operators on this basis.  Taking into account last year’s placings and as Barry cannot take part, this would make the initial selection of Team Australia 1 as follows:

1. VK6LW 2. VK6VZ 3. VK4CT 4. VK3TDX 5. VK7BO

Similarly, the initial selection of VK Team 2 would be:

1. VK4SN 2. VK2PN 3. VK4KW (alias VK3MI) 4. VK4XY 5. To be appointed.

In regard to position 5 in VK Team 2, the next highest finish was Martin VK7GN (3,870 points), followed by David VK2AYD (3,665 points).

The fairest thing to do would seem to be to first extend an invitation to Martin and if he is unable to participate, then extend an invitation to David. However, first things first.

Please could all the initial selections made above please let me know if you are are able and willing to take part again this year – and Brian, please let me know if you can take on the role of Team 2 captain.

I also would be interested to hear from any other serious VK CW contesters outside of the above teams who would be interested in giving the CC a good ‘go’. The idea is to send Bob G3PJT VK team lists as soon as possible – we have only about a week to get our act together.

If you can get back to me over the next couple of days, that would be a great help. Please note that in order to give VK Team 1 the best possible chance of winning, those in the team must agree to compete in the 24-hour open category.

Thanks. Vy 73 Steve, VK6VZ Thanks, blokes!